Accounting is done according to the law but the process of how we get to the result is up to us to decide. We can choose how to send documents. We can choose which software to use to be competitive and effective. We do our work correctly and quickly by finding ways to be more effective without cutting corners.



We help you with payroll for simple to complex calculations. Payroll can consist or many changing parts, for example different bonuses, vacations, incapacity for work, over time, national holidays etc. All of these calculations we do for you.


Other financial services

We can help build up the logic and processes of your accounting. Even if previously accounting has been inaccurate or processes ineffective, they don’t have to remain that way. We listen to your wishes and hopes. We also help choosing the best software for your use-case. We approach every clients needs and help put together a working system.


Management reporting

Accounting is based on accuracy and correctness but also simplicity. We create easy to understand financial reports even for the most difficult businesses. With explanations so clear that every number is understandable. We do our work so the end result is easy to comprehend and helps management with future decisions.